Rev. Larrye-Marie Heyl

CSL Southeast Louisiana is a home for a wide variety of ages and cultures. The Center empowers, educates, encourages, and equips this community so that everyone and everything can thrive in an atmosphere of abundance, order, beauty, and joy. To this end, CSL Southeast Louisiana:

• Empowers the expansion of both individual and collective consciousness and spirituality.

• Educates using the teachings of Science of Mind as the basis of these teachings.

• Encourages service both within and outside the center’s community as a method to solidify and fully embrace the Science of Mind teachings.

• Equips with tools of transformation that support individuals to see their deeply-rooted strengths and the wings that allow them to soar to amazing possibilities and their own greatness.

Rev. Larrye-Marie, raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a life-long learner who brings her southern style into all aspects of her life. A member of “New Thought” communities since 1986, she realized she was raised in SOM philosophy. Her family’s approach to Catholicism was “new thought” – work at what you love, play often, and above all, be happy, joyous, and know that God is ever-present!

Rev. Larrye expanded her discovery of the depth of the Spirit within through her journey to a Masters of Consciousness from the Holmes Institute, which she received along with her ministerial license in summer of 2013. She is now the Spiritual Leader and Founding Minister of Center for Spiritual Living Southeast Louisiana.

Rev. Larrye has a MS in Mathematics and BS in Electrical Engineering – was always told she could be whatever she wanted, and being 1 of 3 women in a 350 engineering class was no obstacle! Her technical skills bring a financial security and provide a balance to her more exuberant, outgoing playful side.

Rev. Larrye incorporates her life and business coaching skills in her ministry and in who she is as a CSL community leader. She listens and questions, allowing each person with whom she comes in contact to discover the genius within, finding the perfect path to a life of joy, abundance, and love.

Rev. Larrye has participated in many aspects of service throughout her time in CSL communities, loving to be an active member and volunteer. She has served on the Board of Trustees, led the greeting team, and participated in High Watch and prayer teams. At New Thought CSL in Lake Oswego, she was the class registrar as well as treasurer for both the Education Ministry and Practitioners and a regular Platform Assistant. She is passionate about music and was an active member of the choir. Many of the children there call her “Grammye Larrye” and the young adults call her “Rev. Mama Larrye.” Among her many activities was a weekly Grief-to-Gratitude drop-in workshop to help those experiencing loss of any nature.

Rev. Larrye brings the knowledge from all her experiences to the Center for Spiritual Living, Southeast, LA.

She serves the community through Sunday services, workshops and other volunteer activities, and newsletter articles.

If you would like an individual session with Rev. Larrye for prayer, counseling and/or coaching, please contact her.  Fees for on-going private counseling are on a sliding scale.

Rev Larrye may be contacted at

Phone: (225) 287-8887