Core Council

Each member of the CSL Southeast Louisiana Core Council is steeped in the knowing of the Truth, aware of the pulsing presence in the heart of all things, shows in all actions that everyone is a unique expression of joy, love, and grace, and brings optimism, enthusiasm, abundance, and exuberant expectancy of the success of all events within the Center.

Much gratitude to the Core Council for 2016-2017, who are supporting a strong foundation for CSL Southeast LA:

Rev. Larrye-Marie Heyl, Spiritual Director

Mr. Tom Tarver, Saint Gabriel, La. (President)

Pat Favaron, Baton Rouge, La. (Member at large)

Lyn Lejerne, Baton Rouge, La. (Member at Large)

Rev. Nancy Wertz, Baton Rouge, La. (Member at Large)